MOSIP System Deployment Issue

Hi Team,

We have faced issue in accessing the MOSIP cluster’s keycloak portal even though the service is running in background. So, we redeployed the entire keycloak module and then we are able to access the keycloak portal. But, now we are getting the issue in accessing the admin portal with the users created in the keycloak. This is the error we are getting now.

{“id”:null,“version”:null,“responsetime”:“2024-03-07T08:50:02.277Z”,“metadata”:null,“response”:null,“errors”:[{“errorCode”:“KER-MSD-500”,“message”:“KER-ACP-006 → Error Occured while getting access token from iam Invalid client secret”}]}.

We believe the new client secrets mapped after redeploying the keycloak is not picking up and throwing invalid client secret error for all the services client secrets.

Kindly check this and let us know as we are not able to proceed further.


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Hi @reddi3

This is happening because keycloak was re-deployed but the latest secret changes have not gone to the config server.

Please redeploy the config server and restart all the MOSIP services. Now try accessing Admin UI and old users will not be there as keycloak-init was done twice.

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