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Exciting News! The wait is over; workshop details have been released! :sparkles:

Gear up for an exhilarating lineup of workshops at MOSIP Connect 2024, from March 5th to 7th, at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

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You can also delve into the detailed agenda here for more information about the event.

01. Unlocking Digital Identity for Small Populations

5 March | 60 mins | 5 - 6 PM EAT

In this workshop, the MOSIP team invites representatives from nations with small populations to share their insights on the potential challenges of adopting MOSIP for populations of less than 5 million. The session will explore key requirements, modifications, and alternative approaches to MOSIP implementation.

Registration Link: Workshop 1

02. Journey of Brownfield Implementation: A MOSIP Workshop for Countries

6 March | 60 mins | 3 - 4 PM EAT

This workshop aims to explore the unique approach required to adopt MOSIP-based systems in countries with existing digital identity infrastructure. This session will equip potential and current adopting countries with insights from the team’s on-ground learnings and experiences with migration and ownership of data, software upgrades, and integration with legacy systems.

Registration Link: Workshop 2

03. Building Trust in Cross-Border Identity: Discovering Interoperability in Authentication

6 March | 70 mins | 4.30 - 5.30 PM EAT

This workshop will explore challenges surrounding cross-border identity authentication, examine existing approaches addressing these challenges, and propose mechanisms for their implementation. Led by Carnegie Mellon University – Africa, it aims to facilitate the design and development of DPI that can enable the seamless delivery of services across borders.

Registration Link:: Workshop 3

04. Exploring Common QR Code/ID Credential Formats: A Technical Deep Dive to Define Specifications

7 March | 60 mins | 12 - 1 PM EAT

Moderated by Sasikumar Ganesan, Head – of Engineering (MOSIP), this session invites participants to brainstorm the development of a robust and universally accepted QR code-based ID credential format. The workshop aims to explore the technical intricacies of compatibility, standardization, enhanced data density, flexible data representation, and more.

Discussions will culminate in a collaborative proposal for a standardized QR code format, with security- and privacy-centric design.

Registration Link:: Workshop 4

05. Whitepaper Presentation: Threats to Biometric Authentication Systems and Mitigations

7 March | 60 mins | 2.30 - 3.30 PM EAT

In this session, members from Carnegie Mellon University – Africa, Alan Turing Institute – UK, and MOSIP will present a whitepaper exploring threat modeling for digital identity authentication. Participants are invited to offer their insights on the paper’s approach to assessing potential risks in the user journey, and strategies to enhance accessibility and affordability.

Registration Link:: Workshop 5

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