Reflections on MOSIP Connect 2024 Workshops

Dear MOSIP Community,

As MOSIP Connect 2024 draws to a conclusion, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants for their invaluable contributions in making this event an outstanding success! The workshops held over the past few days have been exceptionally enlightening, interactive, and instrumental in charting the course for the evolution of digital identity solutions.

Here are some key insights and next steps discussed during the workshops:

1. Unlocking Digital Identity for Small Populations:

  • Identified challenges and potential solutions for implementing MOSIP in nations with populations of less than 5 million.
  • Next Steps: Further exploration of tailored strategies and modifications to MOSIP for smaller populations. Continued collaboration and knowledge sharing among participating nations.

2. Journey of Brownfield Implementation:

  • Explored the complexities and nuances of integrating MOSIP-based systems in countries with existing digital identity infrastructure.
  • Next Steps: Continued exchange of best practices, lessons learned, and strategies for seamless migration and integration with legacy systems.

3. Building Trust in Cross-Border Identity:

  • Discussed challenges and solutions related to cross-border identity authentication, emphasizing the importance of interoperability and seamless service delivery.
  • Next Steps: Collaborative efforts to design and develop DPI solutions that enable secure and efficient cross-border authentication mechanisms.

4. Exploring Common QR Code/ID Credential Formats:

  • Delved into technical aspects of developing a standardized QR code-based ID credential format, focusing on compatibility, standardization, and security.
  • Next Steps: Further refinement of proposed QR code format specifications, with a focus on security and privacy considerations.

5. Whitepaper Presentation: Threats to Biometric Authentication Systems:

  • Presented insights on threat modeling for digital identity authentication systems, emphasizing the need for robust security measures.
  • Next Steps: Continued research & collaboration with CMU & ATI, to address identified threats, enhance the security of biometric authentication systems and publish the whitepaper.

We are thrilled by the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking discussions that have taken place during MOSIP Connect 2024. These workshops have laid the foundation for future innovation and collaboration in the field of digital identity.

Stay tuned for additional updates and artifacts, which will be shared as our discussions continue to evolve.

Thank you once again to all participants for your active engagement and valuable contributions. Let’s continue our journey towards building inclusive, secure, and interoperable digital identity ecosystems.

Best regards,

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