How to register an account in keycloak platform from synergy environment?

In the synergy keycloak platform, I dont find anywhere to registrite , if the register function is not supported,could you provide a valid acount for me to upload cerficates for testing android sbi。thanks a milion for any help。

Hi @nizhuanxinghe

In the synergy platform for keycloak access, our team has a set of processes to provide you with a valid account to upload certificates, we will request you to give us a basic background on the usage of the synergy environment during this time. I will ask our team members to support you here and guide you to continue testing SBI.

@thamarai_kannan & @Sanjith_Sundaram FYI

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hi @nizhuanxinghe,

Your question is, in Partner UI portal, while login you don’t have register option in login page. is it correct ?

Hello Team,

Synergy environment is primarily used for verifying the interfaces of the partner solution and can be accessed by the partner on completion of the development task or is in the final stages of completion. Once the development is completed please do write to “” , so that we can guide you further.