EndPoint does not exist

I can’t find the module of this API : (http://dev.mosip.local/v1/machines/%s/eng)

Hi @BENZIZA_Mohamed,

The API details shared by you seem to be incorrect.

Can you share more details on where you found the above API?

We have APIs related to machines as part of masterdata-service which is part of the admin-services repository. And the URL for machines in masterdata-service should be as below:


~ Rounak

Hi @nayakrounak

I found this API in : admin-services/admin/kernel-syncdata-service/src/main/resources/application-dev.properties at master · mosip/admin-services · GitHub

The key of this propertie is : mosip.kernel.syncdata-service-machine-url

Hi @BENZIZA_Mohamed ,

The URL that you are pointing to is inside the kernel-syncdata-service, which is used for local testing of the service. Hence, I am suspecting that the URL configured there is added incorrectly. The correct URL for this configuration is tagged and available in the mosip-config repository. Please find the link for the same below:

Thanks for pointing this out. I will ask the MOSIP development team to fix it in the upcoming version of kernel-syncdata-service.

~ Rounak

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