Claim 169: A Leap Towards Interoperability

Dear MOSIP Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of Claim 169, a standardized, interoperable QR code now successfully registered in the CBOR Web Token (CWT) Registry by IANA, as specified by MOSIP.

Claim 169 is a significant step forward in our mission to enhance interoperability.
It is a standard CBOR-based QR Code that involves embedding a low-resolution image of the person with a minimal demographic dataset within the QR code. This QR code would be digitally signed by the ID authorities (Issuer) and then printed on a physical card. Subsequently, the signed data within the QR code can be utilized for facial authentication in remote areas with limited network connectivity, thereby providing residents with reliable access to social benefits and government services.

We anticipate widespread adoption of this standard and remain dedicated to advancing interoperability through our global efforts.

For more details on the specification and its registration by IANA, click here.

Best regards,

Resham Chugani,
Product Manager - Use Cases