Can MOSIP work with user-provided existing identity?

Hi, I’m really interested in digital identities, but I have a need which I’m not sure that would be covered by MOSIP, and I’m asking here to know if it could be within the project roadmap or if it could be contributed to.

Is it possible to have the user themselves manage a digital certificate of their own and have it signed by intermediates within the MOSIP system so they have full control over their identity?

This would allow to decentralize the system a bit which is really what I’m looking forward to Having no single point of failure is really important and I need it to be fully resistant to data breaches.

Thank you.

Hello @mildred593

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Thank you for your inquiry. While MOSIP primarily operates within a centralized identity management framework, the concept of users managing their own digital certificates and having them signed by intermediates within the MOSIP system is an intriguing idea.

Currently, MOSIP emphasizes the generation and management of identities within its secure ecosystem, ensuring data integrity and consistency. However, the idea of user-controlled digital certificates aligns with the principles of user empowerment and decentralized identity management.

MOSIP is continuously evolving, and your suggestion highlights an important aspect of identity ownership and control. While this specific feature may not be present in the current version, your input serves as valuable feedback for potential future enhancements to the platform.

We appreciate your engagement and interest in shaping the direction of MOSIP. Should you have more questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to discuss further.

Best regards,
The MOSIP Team