Authentication-demo-ui Keys folder not created after building with MVN

I have downloaded the Authenticatio-demo UI from here GitHub - mosip/authentication-demo-ui at develop

I extracted, then edited needed info in the

Successfully run mvn clean install to build it.

However, in the ReadMe file, the instruction says"
" Partner private key and partner certificate will be looked up during the application in <Currecnt_Working_Directory>/keys/ folder:"

But there is no keys folder even after building it with Maven, thus nowhere to place the partner key and certificate.

Do I create a directory named keys ?

Hi @rcsampang

Thanks for letting us know about your query, I can see you are facing an issue with where to place the partner keys and certificate.I have asked one my team members to look into this and help you out with the resolution for this and soon will get an update from our end.

Best Regards,

Yes @rcsampang You will need to create one to put the partner key and certificate.

@LoganathanSekar7627 Thank you! I will do that and will update on the status later.

Sure @rcsampang keep us posted

Hello! Looks like the Auth Demo UI application is running

However when I try to authenticate a UIN results to Capture Failed

Here is the log

16:35:06.766 [Thread-8] INFO - Request data :: CAPTURE /capture HTTP/1.1Content-Length: 476Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8Host: Keep-AliveUser-Agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.5.5 (Java/11.0.14)Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate{ “env”: “Staging”, “purpose”: “Auth”, “specVersion”: “0.9.5”, “timeout”: “30000”, “captureTime”: “2023-08-30T08:35:06Z”, “domainUri”: “”, “transactionId”: “1234567890”, “bio”: [{ “type”: “Iris”, “count”: “1”, “bioSubType”: [“UNKNOWN”], “requestedScore”: “60”, “deviceId”: “2”, “deviceSubId”: “1”, “previousHash”: “” }], “customOpts”: [{ “name”: “name1”, “value”: “value1” }] }

16:35:06.766 [Thread-8] INFO - Method Name :: CAPTURE
16:35:06.772 [Thread-8] INFO - Method Valid ::
16:35:06.781 [Thread-8] INFO - processCaptureInfo :: deviceId :: 2 :: deviceSubId ::1
16:35:07.567 [Thread-8] INFO - Response data :: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true
Content-Length: 225
Content-Type: application/json
Connection: close

{“biometrics”:[{“specVersion”:“”,“data”:“”,“hash”:“”,“sessionKey”:“”,“thumbprint”:“”,“error”:{“errorCode”:“805”,“errorInfo”:“Device is not connected or not Registered for the deviceId given in Auth Capture request object”}}]}

The device ID / device sub id provided may not be correct. Please check the device info of the MDS/SBI.

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@rcsampang , Also please check the MDS if the device is registered authentication.

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