Zone and Center mapping issue

After pushing the custom zone and center mapping data with Root zone, Hierarchy. getting error KER-MSD-393 Internal server error. following both queries to get proper data. how I can resolve that.

SELECT * FROM master_new.zone_user zu WHERE zu.usr_id=‘globaladmin’ and (zu.is_deleted IS NULL OR zu.is_deleted = false);

SELECT * FROM zu WHERE zu.code=‘MOR’ and zu.lang_code=‘eng’ AND (zu.is_deleted IS NULL OR zu.is_deleted = false)

API Error:
[GET] -

“id”: null,
“version”: null,
“responsetime”: “2024-04-30T05:33:39.192Z”,
“metadata”: null,
“response”: null,
“errors”: [
“errorCode”: “KER-MSD-393”,
“message”: “Internal Server Error”