Websub Error: unused configuration value

The websub pod is throwing the error below,

error: [Config.toml:(91:1,91:59)] unused configuration value ‘kafkaHub.config.HUB_SECRET_ENCRYPTION_KEY’
2024-02-19T06:19:33.243014129Z error: [Config.toml:(95:1,95:51)] unused configuration value ‘kafkaHub.config.HUB_SECRET_ENCRYPTION_KEY_FORMAT’

how can this be resolved?

Hi @alex-mbolonzi,

Can you confirm the websub branch and config branch that you are using?

Hi @HimajaDhanyamraju2

The websub branch is 12.0.1-B2, and the config branch is

Hi @alex-mbolonzi

We made some bug fixes for the next release. For those fixes, two new configurations were added to branch, but since they are not used in the released version of websub, you are facing this error.

Can you use the tagged version “v1.2.0.1-B2” of the config branch and try?


“v1.2.0.1-B2” works well.

Thank you.


It’s great to hear @alex-mbolonzi our team was able to help and guide you.