Upcoming Features of Inji Verify v0.9.0

Dear MOSIP Community,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Inji Verify v0.9.0, which brings several exciting enhancements designed to improve usability, compatibility, and overall user experience.


Release 0.9.0 of Inji Verify includes a mobile-responsive portal, support for CBOR QR code decoding, and critical bug fixes. Key updates such as UI improvements using Tailwind CSS, PDF scanning with QR codes, and enhanced credential displays—including expired credentials—aim to elevate user experience and system functionality.

New Features

1. UI Enhancements

  • Mobile Optimization: The user interface has been optimized for mobile devices, providing responsive views that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes. Users can now conveniently access and utilize the scan and upload features across devices.
  • GenderMag Principles: The interface has been enhanced based on GenderMag principles, ensuring improved accessibility and usability.

2. CBOR QR Code Support

  • Expanded Compatibility: Support for CBOR-encoded QR codes has been added, allowing Inji Verify to decode these QR codes using the pixel pass library.

3. Tech Upgrades

  • Tailwind CSS: Transition from MaterialUI to the Tailwind CSS library offers enhanced flexibility and customization options.

4. Critical Bug Fixes

  • Improved Functionality: Several critical bugs related to the scan and upload functionalities have been identified and fixed, ensuring smoother user experiences.

5. Support for PDFs Containing QR Codes

  • Broadened Document Range: Inji Verify now supports scanning and verifying QR codes within PDFs, broadening the range of documents that can be processed.

6. Credential Display Enhancements

  • Consistent Representation: Credential details retrieved from the issuer’s well-known configuration include display properties, ensuring a consistent and accurate representation of credential information.
  • Expired Credentials: Users can now view expired credentials within the Inji Verify portal.

7. Browser Support

  • Full Support: Chrome, Edge, and Firefox now have full support for both scan and upload features, ensuring a seamless user experience across these popular browsers.
  • Safari: Currently supports scanning but not the upload feature. We are working on fixing the upload functionality and will release an intermediate update to address this issue in the coming weeks.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we finalize this release. We are confident that these updates will significantly enhance the capabilities and performance of Inji Verify.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to your feedback on these updates.

Best regards,

Sanchi Singh
Product Owner - Inji Verify
On behalf of the MOSIP Team