Understand MoSIP's modules, interoperability, deployment steps, and key technologies for code proficiency

As our development team is tasked with implementing MoSIP, it’s crucial that we thoroughly understand its modules, operations, and the deployment and customization process. To facilitate this, I kindly request the MoSIP community to create a comprehensive training plan in an Excel file for us to follow. This plan should cover all aspects of MoSIP, from its modules to deployment procedures and customization.
( if possible a brief about modules and their interoperability )

Dear @ManuKGB ,

Welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out.

While we collate and share you the list of resources to begin with understanding the MOSIP platform, I would bring your attention to MOSIP’s UpToDate documentation which you can find at ‘MOSIP Documentation’ .

Also, our MOSIP Academy offers comprehensive training resources, including courses, tutorials, and learning materials. You can access the academy through the link here and explore the available training programs.

Best Regards

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