Tutorial how to setUp Iris Scanner (IriShield-USB-BK2121U) with reg-client


Have you a tutorial how to setup Iris Scanner (IriShield-USB-BK2121U) with reg-client?


Hello Khaled, I hope you are in touch with the device provider and the MDS is available with you.

  • Sanjith
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Hi Sanjith, thanks for the reply.
Yes I have the MDS. There is a specific version work with reg-client v-


Hi Team;

My understanding is that you already have the SBI for the device model. To integrate the device with RegClient we will have to follow below process

  1. Provide the device provider certificate to MOSIP , the same certificate would be counter signed and we would share back to you the MOSIP SIgned device provider certificate. This needs to be updated in your management server.
  2. To access the MOSIP services , you would also need the provide us the below
    a. TPM details from host machine ( refer the attached document for the same )
    b. WireGuard configuration to be enabled on the host machine ( refer the WireGuard Configuration section of the document)
  3. Once the above steps are completed your device and host is whitelisted with MOSIP, post which we would be sharing you the credentials for login into MOSIP RegClient ( Refer the “Registration Client: Registration Process” section of the document).

Link to the document