Release Announcement: Launch of Resident Portal version 0.9.0 🎉

Dear Community Members,

We are elated to introduce Resident Portal version 0.9.0! :loudspeaker:

Resident Portal is a comprehensive, web-based self-service platform that empowers residents to seamlessly access a wide range of services related to their Unique Identification Number (UIN). :rocket:

Refer to Release Notes to know more about the v0.9.0 release.

Introducing key Features of Resident Portal release version 0.9.0:

  1. UIN Services Accessibility:
    a. Access UIN services using your UIN/VID through eSignet

  2. Comprehensive User Dashboard:
    a. View your service history
    b. Manage your VID (Virtual ID)
    c. Secure your ID with enhanced features
    d. Track the status of your service requests
    e. Obtain a personalized Identification Card
    f. Easily share your data with registered partners
    g. Update you data such as identity data, address, contact information, notification langauge preference
    h. Receive notifications via bell icon notification
    i. Access your profile details, including your name, photo, and last login information
    j. Log out securely

  3. Information Resources:
    a. Access information about Registration Centers
    b. Explore the list of supporting documents required

  4. Download your UIN using UIN/VID/AID

  5. Verify your email ID and/or phone number for added security

  6. Seamless User Experience: Enjoy a responsive UI that adapts to various screen resolutions

  7. New Enrolments Made Easy: Book an appointment for new enrolment through our pre-registration portal

  8. Access the portal in multiple languages: Choose the language you are most comfortable with to access all the features that Resident Portal has to offer.

For a visual summary of the Resident Portal features, please refer to the image below: :bookmark:

As part of v.0.9.0 release, you can experience the features offered by Resident Portal from our sandbox Collab environment. The link of Collab environment will be shared soon.

To explore the new features launched as a part of the Resident Portal, you will need a UIN/VID. To get a UIN/VID please fill out this form here . Once you are done filling out the form, we will reach out to you with the UIN/VID.

To learn more about the Resident Portal and explore its capabilities in detail, please visit the following link: Resident Portal Documentation.

Additionally, you can refer to our end-user guide here . :spiral_notepad:

A huge thank you to our dedicated team for their hard work and to our community for their continuous support and feedback. Your contributions have been invaluable in making this release possible. :bouquet:

Best Regards,

On behalf of MOSIP
Pragya Kumari
Product Owner, Resident Portal