Experience Resident Portal v0.9.0 features in Collab environment

Dear Community Members,

We recently announced the release of Resident Portal version 0.9.0! :loudspeaker:
Refer to Release Notes to know more about the v0.9.0 release.

We now invite you all to experience the amazing new features we’ve just released.

Steps to experience Resident Portal v0.9.0 in the Collab Environment:

  1. Go to the Collab environment by clicking on this link.
  2. To login, you will need UIN/VID. Please fill out this form here to obtain your ID.
  3. Once you have submitted the form, we will reach out to you with the UIN/VID.
  4. Now you have everything that you need. Log in using your UIN/VID and explore the features.

For a visual summary of the key Features of Resident Portal release version 0.9.0, refer to the image below: :bookmark:

To learn more about the Resident Portal and explore its capabilities in detail, please visit the following link: Resident Portal Documentation.

Additionally, you can refer to our end-user guide here and Collab User Guide here. :spiral_notepad:

Happy exploring! :bouquet:

Best regards,

On behalf of MOSIP
Pragya Kumari
Product Owner, Resident Portal