Release Announcement: Inji mobile v0.11.0 is here!

Dear MOSIP Community,

We are thrilled to unveil the next release for Inji Mobile - v0.11.0-Inji. This version seamlessly integrates with mimoto v0.11.0 and incorporates new functionalities such as Data backup, VC download based on KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) , and enhancements to the UI/UX aligning to the GenderMag method.

All about Inji mobile v0.11.0-Inji:

  • VC download based on KBA
  • Data backup & Restore
  • Improved UI/UX

To learn more about the exciting features Inji mobile 0.11.0 brings to the community, please refer to our detailed release notes here.

We deeply appreciate and extend our sincere gratitude to the entire team for their unwavering commitment, dedication and relentless support which has been integral to the achievement of this release’s success.

Did Inji mobile excite you and invoke your curiosity to know more? Visit here to dive in.

Warm regards,
Harini Sampathkumar
Product Owner - Inji
On behalf of MOSIP Team

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