Registration Processor DMZ camel

We are using the Mosip version and we are trying to start the registration processor inside intellij, but the dmz is not started, below the executed steps:
1 - Update mosip executor stage pom to include stage group from 1 to 7
2 - Install Kafka
3 - install ActiveMq
4 - Run mosip executor stages : all kafka topic and consumer are well created and also ActiveMq topic.
5 - secure zone camel is started but dmz camel is not started
6 - also i figured out that dmz conf file are existing in the version and was existing in the 1.2.0 version.


Hi @zeddari ,
I would need more information on the issue.
PFB on how to run dmz camel -
Camel has to be run separately for dmz as a separate instance and You have to pass zone as “dmz” as a argument while running.
I assume you are using latest code. In v3 architecture there is no dmz. All stages are running in securezone. Also the securezone camel instance will run separately.
Let me know if this helps and please revert back incase you need more info.

Please refer to this config for changing zone -


So, in the release 1.2.0 or upper, only one secure zone exist ?
For previous version, we have both zones ?


Yes we removed the DMZ vs MZ from 1.2.0. The new v3 setup is designed with single cluster and multiple application-level namespace isolations.

Thank you for your reply:
So, to summarize, in the 1.2.0 or upper, we should run & start 2 projet:
mosip stage executor

Hi @zeddari , The mosip-stage-executor will run all stages. But camel-bridge and workflow engine services need to be run separately. Also other regproc services will run separately(no change).

Previously stages used to run independently and now we have grouped multiple stages into different stage groups. There are 7 stage groups present in regproc. Each stage-group uses mosip-stage-executor to run stages.

Also perviously, there used to be 2 registration-processor-common-camel-bridge, One in dmz and other is in securezone. Now since no dmz is there only one camel-bridge should run.