Regclient error


I am pretty new to the MOSIP platfrom, I am currently getting the error

“Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: Get “”: context deadline exceeded”

while trying to install the regclient module, anyone know what the issue might be?

Hi @alex-mbolonzi

Thanks for sharing your query with us we will be able to help you here but before that can you let us know if this is a local deployment in your system which branch are you using and which version?

@HimajaDhanyamraju2 Can you please look into this asap.

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Hi @sanchi-singh24

I am using GitHub - mosip/mosip-infra: MOSIP deployment Infrastructure repo -b v1.2.0.1-B3 and I am deploying on AWS.

Thank you.

Thanks, @alex-mbolonzi for sharing the info our team will look into this.

Dear @alex-mbolonzi

Could you kindly furnish additional details regarding the present issue?

If the regclient pods are indeed crashing, would you be able to furnish the logs of the affected regclient pod? You can obtain the pod name using the following command:

kubectl -n regclient get pods

Subsequently, please provide the logs of the pods with the following command:

kubectl -n regclient logs <pod-name> --previous

Furthermore, could you please provide a screenshot depicting the failure of the installation script? Additionally, I’ve observed that SSL certificates have not been configured for the environment, and it would be beneficial to address this matter as well.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi @syed.salman,

I was able to resolve the issue by using the chart version 12.0.1-B2

Thank you for reaching out.

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