Facing issue in deploying Regclinet Downloader

Dear all, I am deploying mosip version on aws with on-prem procedure, all the mosip modules were deployed successfully, but when it comes to the deployment of regclient it is throwing an error like INSTALLATION FAILED: timed out waiting for the condition. when i describe pod, it is displaying that Back-off restarting failed container, when it comes to the status container terminated with exit code1. i checked the logs of the pod it is throwing an error as jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: keystore password was incorrect. How can we resolve this issue.

Please install 1.1.1q version of openSSL and then redeploy regclient. It should resolve this issue.


Thank you @HimajaDhanyamraju2 the issue was resolved and deployed successfully.

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