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In the documentation you refer I found this relative to the pre-registration module: “Pre-registration is a resident facing web-based portal that allows a resident to provide registration data, upload document proofs and book an appointment with a registration center to complete the rest of the registration process.”
This means that a user must have an internet connection and documents proving demographic data?

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As of now pre-registration is designed with internet and assisted mode in mind. There is a roadmap to make it offline but we are not sure about the demand at this point in time. Just add on we have a working project on android based offline registration client. So this covers entire offline scenario without a need for preregistration.

Note: current registration client supports offline but not yet android. Android based model will help us with in home registration.

@pmoreira You are right our preregistration is a convenience module and not an essential module. What it means is that you don’t need to preregister to get a UIN. You can directly walk into any registration centre and can register.

That said some of our customers have used kobo tools ( to collect preregistration data by visiting the residents/citizens’ home. Later this data is uploaded to our preregistration server.

As this question revolves around offline usage I will add on to provide you with our view, existing solutions and the new workings.

As said earlier our registration client already works offline. But the home to home registration is of great interest for us as it can speed up the registration and can be inclusive. In order to support this, we are working with our ecosystem in building our registration client on android tablet and windows tablet. Please refer the codebase under development GitHub - mosip/android-registration-client at develop . We think we can get our first version ready in next 3 months.

Long answer but I hope it gives you insight in our project and our thinkings.