Queries of Device with SBI 2.0

Hi Team,
We have several questions of FTM chip of SBI2.0, please kindly check.

  1. Can we apply two FTM chips on the device? One is for image processing, another is for secret key encryption and storage. Is it feasible?
  2. We only need to provide certifications of any one in the image for FTM chip, it is enough, right? Do we need to provide the whole device to you for checking?

Hi Team, Please kindly check and give some feedback. Thank you.


Please find our answers below:

  1. Single or Multi chip solutions must be okay. Basic criteria is to meet the specs. However, we understand the implementations could be different. If you want us to look at the high level block diagram and comment, please write to me @ sanjith@mosip.io, or if the information can be shared here, please do so.

  2. MOSIP do not certify any products, instead we maintain the specifications. You can validate the interface level compliance by making use of open test tools and environments we have. We are working on making the kits entirely self-service model, for now you can write to me for the kit usage and will help you with certificate exchange etc. The FTM must meet one of certifications listed. We do not need any devices to be shipped to us, as its more a self-compliance exercise where we assist you validating the APIs.

We encourage you sharing the devices for display and functional demonstrations at MOSIP Experience Centre.

  • Sanjith