Mimoto not working getting error

we are trying to run mimoto backend API getting an error.
There are a total of 27 branches which we use.
Please share complete document for installing mimoto.

Hi @mohdrazacs ,
We can use main or release-0.11.0 branch.
Are you trying to run in existing env or in local?

MIMOTO is a spring boot application and spring boot has a pom.xml file, not env so please tell me about MIMOTO

@mohdrazacs yes it’s Spring boot application. Do you have any existing env where yoh want to deploy mimoto? It’s not the application to install right, it has to be deployed on some env or run in local.
If you want to run locally, what is your expectation from this to work?

git clone in my laptop and open projects in STS and VS code also but getting error.

I thought you were talking about the env file in the INJI react-native app

We are working on creating docker compose file for mimoto to start mimoto in local.
As per current configuration, it requires few changes in code to start spring boot from maven command.

Let me work on that and share a patch to start mimoto using maven command

Again as i said earlier, what is our expectation from mimoto? Mimoto is just a BFF(Backend for Frontend). It requires few downstream services to work. In case of OpenId4VCI, it requires esignet to perform authorization and get the VC from any provider.

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