Instability of Kafka on kubernetes cluster

We deployed Kafka and it had worked for long time (arround 3 weeks) before the kafka service (kafka0-4) crashed randomly.
The recommendation of the dev team was to restart the deployment.
After that we redeployed Kafka in MOSIP cluster, it had been worked properly for half a day but it’s not stable for the moment, and the kafka zookeeper works fine for the whole time, but we have some pods are down (kafka-0, kafka-2, kafka-4).

Thank you

@slimab it’s very difficult to guess what’s happening. It could be because of disk or corruption or reachability. It may be best to check in the Kafka forum.

@ckm007 @syed.salman is there any known issues or tips that we can share?

Can you share logs of kafka pod here which arte not up and running?