INJI mobile wallet installation issue

Hi everyone, I am trying to install INJI mobile on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS. I have followed the steps from Inji | Inji.
Since I am using yarn package manager, I used the below command to run the app
yarn run android:mosip. This gave the below error.

warning: Package expo contains invalid configuration: “dependency.platforms.ios.podspecPath” is not allowed,“dependency.platforms.ios.project” is not allowed. Please verify it’s properly linked using “npx react-native config” command and contact the package maintainers about this.
error: unknown command ‘run-android’

Could you please help in resolving the issue.

@Akansh_Dhyani Did you try using npm instead of yarn?

Thanks for the reply .Yes , I did , currently I am using node version 16.19.0 ,and I am getting the following errors

As the error says sdk location not found. Can you please try the steps mentioned in steps or simply add android sdk path in your code file

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thanks a lot Swati and team. INJI is now installed and running successfully.

Hi Swati Goel Can you please provide the sample sunbird credentials using which we can login and view the VC in inji app?