IDA partner_data, partner_mapping are empty

Hi Mosip Team,

After creating partner for authentication by PMS module, there is no data in partner_data and partner_mapping.
websub is up and event exist ine the topic partner_updated.

How to check this issue ?

Hi @bch,

As you pointed out, the event already exists in the topic partner_update, so, I am assuming that a message for an update already exists in the Kafka queue.

I am suspecting that the subscriber hasn’t registered to the web-sub hub. Please restart the ida-internal-service once and check if you see a 202 or 404 code in the logs with info related to the web-sub subscription.

If the subscription is successful then the message should be received by IDA.

HI @nayakrounak thank you for the reply,

This is the logs of partnerdata subscribing, ths topic has been subscribed, but there is no call back /partner_updated in log when i created new partner. and the event exist on this topic.

2023-04-05 09:21:56.173 INFO [id-authentication,id-authentication-internal,] 8 — [ask-scheduler-1] i.m.k.w.api.client.SubscriberClientImpl : subscribing for topic PARTNER_UPDATED at hub
{“@timestamp”:“2023-04-05T09:21:56.173Z”,“@version”:“1”,“message”:“sessionId - subscribeForAuthTypeEvents - - Subscribed to topic: PARTNER_UPDATED”,“logger_name”:“io.mosip.authentication.common.service.websub.impl.PartnerServiceEventsInitializer”,“thread_name”:“task-scheduler-1”,“level”:“INFO”,“level_value”:20000,“appName”:“id-authentication,id-authentication-internal”}

Yes, looks like the callback URI is not getting shared back. Please scale down both ida-internal-service and web-sub to 0. Scale up web-sub first and after that ida-internal-service. Wait for 5 mins for the subscription and share the logs of the ida-internal-service

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Hi @bch

Can you restart the ida internal service again to trigger subscription and check if there any errors in websub logs while sending the request for intent ?

Also please check the consumer groups in kafka to check if there is any consumer group with the callback url or internal service ?

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Hi @nayakrounak @vishwa,

Thank you for your reply this issue topic is duplicated with this Partner management partner_updated callback
i reply to yours question in this topic.