Email failed to deliver

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We are facing issue while email trigger , Below are the logs Please help to resolve this
we are already map TLS email-smtp-host:, email-smtp-port: “587”
Kernel Version: kernel-notification-service:

2023-05-19 12:49:15,381 [http-nio-8083-exec-4] INFO [i.m.k.a.d.h.ValidateTokenHelper].buildMosipUser.274 : user (offline verification done): service-account-mosip-prereg-client
2023-05-19 12:49:15,385 [http-nio-8083-exec-4] INFO [i.m.k.e.s.i.EmailNotificationServiceImpl].sendEmail.77 : To Request :
{“@timestamp”:“2023-05-19T12:49:15.388Z”,“level”:“ACCESS”,“level_value”:70000,“traceId”:“51f540bdc359d3b2dff5f112fc0f9443”,“statusCode”:200,“req.requestURI”:“/v1/notifier/email/send”,“bytesSent”:166,“timeTaken”:0.014,“appName”:“kernel-notification-service”,“req.userAgent”:“Apache-HttpClient/4.5.6 (Java/11.0.16)”,“req.xForwardedFor”:“-”,“req.referer”:“-”,“req.method”:“POST”,“req.remoteHost”:“”}
2023-05-19 12:49:16,841 [SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-2] ERROR [i.m.k.l.l.i.Slf4jLoggerImpl].error.27 : - ERROR-CODE -

  • Failed messages: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPSendFailedException: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. de14-20020a1709069bce00b00965ddf2e221sm2273708ejc.93 - gsmtp

Hi Jayanth,

We use the Spring JavaMailSender. You can configure the following.
spring.mail.username=<login user to smtp server>
spring.mail.password=<login password to smtp server>

The above is referred from

According to MOSIP java code, we need to set, in a file in config-server repository “mosip-config/”, mosip.kernel.mail.proxy-mail to false to trigger the sendMail function.

Solution: in file in config-sever repository:


and then , in Rancher UI or using helm command, redeploy Config-Server pod (namespace config-server) & Notifier pod (namespace kernel).
Link to Java code:

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If you need any support you can reach out to us in the same thread or initiate a new one.

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