A 404 error is returned when downloading credentials onto the inji application

Request link is goes to endpoint residentmobileapp/credentialshare/download
With sample input of
“individualId”: “XXXXXXXXXX”,

where individualId is the uin
and requestId is a guid returned from the server after successful otp entry

we further looked into it and found that the error ws occuring in mimoto most likely and returning a 404 at the method below

with either both of the following methods or one of them returning null:

We need some guidance and why the methods would return null at this point after successfully having the status as ISSUED

@LoganathanSekar7627 @sanchi-singh24 kindly assist.

@jeresaf If I am not wrong, you are using collab env to download VC. By looking at mimoto logs, /callback/notify api is returning 404 while issuing VC.
By looking at downstream service logs, credential service getting error while issuing credentials. And the error is IDR-CRS-003 → VID is EXPIRED

can you please recheck you are using UIN or VID while downloading VC?

When credential is issued, the data is written in files. Please refer “/callback/notify” endpoint in CredentialShareController.
If writing data in files fails, these methods(mentioned in mimoto) will return null.

“/callback/notify” endpoint is async call and Inji keeps checking status of credential is issued or not. If it’s issued then it triggers the download request. @LoganathanSekar7627 we should check why status api is giving status as Issued if credential issuance itself has failed.

We are using our on-prem environment

we can see the data share status in credential_transaction table

Can you please check logs for mimoto at that moment?
What’s the response for callback/notify api?
404 in /download api caused by file not found. This file is supposed to be created and written once mimoto receives event on callback/notify Api.
Please check logs for IDA and Credential service as well.

Hi @Ajesh_Vs

I have reached out to you on our community DM please check and confirm the timing to connect online with our Inji tech @swatigoel.

If possible let’s connect now!

Inji 404 error - Debugging
Thursday, November 16 · 6:30 – 7:30 pm(IST)
Time zone: Asia/Kolkata
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/iqg-etrb-eqj

Hi @Ajesh_Vs

I have updated the invite to 6:30 P.M IST for today 16th Nov.

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After debugging over the call, VC download is fixed by adding mimoto clientId in data-share and kernel default properties.
However, VC activation is failing now with error "IDA-MPA-001", "Digital signature verification failed"

@jeresaf @Ajesh_Vs
Can you please initiate VC activation and share logs with us?
Please share logs for following pods
mimoto, esignet, ida-auth and ida-otp

Hi @jeresaf @Ajesh_Vs

Call with our team @swatigoel and @Anusha_sunkadh at 11:00 a.m (IST) as per our discussion today.

Please find the link given below.

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Hi @sanchi-singh24

We will be there

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Hi @jeresaf

Regarding the pending issue related to Inji and resident services let us know where you require our help.

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Hi @jeresaf @Ajesh_Vs

If you are still facing issue to retrieve the UIN/VID using application ID, can you please help us with the logs?

Please provide logs for following services:

  • mimoto
  • resident service
  • ida-auth
  • ida-otp

Hi @swatigoel,

This specific issue was worked on, thanks.

Best Regards,

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