Pre Registration

If you don’t mind, I will be glad if you can help me setup quickly via a Google meet. It’s taken me a while trying to get it running, I think I am missing some tiny detail.


Yes, I am running locally on a different server to where the pre reg app is running

Looks like you are running PreReg Data Sync service.
If you want to try prereg endpoints to create a new application etc, you must run PreReg Application service.

Also the config values should be corrected as below:

make sure the matches the config server branch name and is default

Oh okay, thanks. Let me try that and see

I am using release branch so that should be it right?

Who has been successful in setting up pre-registration module in recent times. It’s becoming a torn in my flesh. I need help please.

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So sorry to know the trouble that you are facing.
Did you try after updating below value:
from the value that you had given:*
What error are you facing now?