MOSIP Country Conversations 2023

Envisioned as a forum to MOSIP-adopting countries to share learnings and feedback with the MOSIP team and fellow country partners, MOSIP Country Conversations 2023 was held on the 13th and 14th of March. It was a two-day conference attended by country representatives from 13 countries across the world, academic partners, advisors, and stakeholders of the project.

The event, held in IIIT Bangalore, successfully created a forum for adopting countries to share their learnings and feedback with the MOSIP team and each other. Discussions in this first edition of MOSIP Country Conversations revolved around field learnings, potential uses of digital ID for equitable service delivery, and joint initiatives. The MOSIP team also presented the project’s roadmap for the future, with actionable plans to implement the recommendations given by countries.

Do watch the wrap up video of the event!
Click here, for a summary of some highlights from this 2-day event.

We look forward to the next edition of MOSIP Country Conversations and other events & discussions in the future!

Resham Chugani,
On behalf of the MOSIP Team.