Kernel-keymanager-service v1.2.0 issue

commons-packet-manager( dependency used in admin and idrepo services has kernel-keymanager-service(1.2.0-SNAPSHOT) as an internal dependency. The build is failing because kernel-keymanager-service(1.2.0-SNAPSHOT) is not available in the nexus repo(Index of /repositories/snapshots/io/mosip/kernel/kernel-keymanager-service)

What branch are you using?

The snapshots will not be available for a long time. They are deleted by Nexus after a certain number of days. The Snapshots are just temporary.

Either build the keymanager service locally or use the released version of keymanager


Keymanager dependency is not used explicitly, the actual dependency is commons-packet-manager:


This dependency uses keymanager(1.2.0).

Hi @manish_choudhary

If you are building the components locally, please update the keymanager service version to “” in commons-packet-manager and build the commons-packet-manager locally. Once build completes build the other required components.


We are not building the commons-packet-manager locally, how can we change the version of keymanager service in that case?

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@manish_choudhary I just built the admin-service repo branch release- I don’t see this error. I have provided the link that shows the successful build.

Let me know if you are looking at the same branch or anything else.

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I hope your query is resolved, let us know if were looking at the same thing or any other resolution is required?

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