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I want to download the zip file for reg-client when I deploy with docker.
Can you give me how to do?


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Hi Kamiri,

You can download the reg-client zip using the below docker link:
https://regclient.{domain_name}/registration-client/{artifactory jar version}/

{artifactory jar version} → this can be found at “/artifactory-ref-impl/blob/develop/artifacts/Dockerfile” of your environment as “ENV version” shown in the below screenshot:

Example link looks like:

Thank you
Chaitanya K

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Hi @ckesiraju
Thank you for the reply.
I can’t download the reg-client from the URL, but when I debug the container, I can find the reg-client zip file below the folder “/var/www/html/registration-client/” and the container is UP normally.

@kamiri , your root for the container is /var/www/html/ so ensure your URL should reach there. After that add registration-client/

I add “FROM nginx” to Dockerfile
and is fine!!

"FROM mosipdev/javafx-reg-client-openjdk:latest " not working alone

Hello @kamiri

You are correct, our base image is “mosipdev/javafx-reg-client-openjdk:latest”
But Please check this line registration-client/Dockerfile at develop · mosip/registration-client · GitHub in the registration client Dockerfile.
We install Nginx.
Entrypoint is a shell script (, the last line in this script is to start the Nginx server.

Can you try getting inside the reg-client docker container, and check if Nginx is started without any issues?

thanks & regards,

Hello @Anusha_sunkadh

You are correct that the script install the Nginx.
Also I add “/etc/nginx/conf.d” to work

best regards