Bill Gates Visits MOSIP!

MOSIP was delighted to host Bill Gates and the team from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on 4th March, 2023. The visit highlighted the project’s milestones, a rapidly growing ecosystem of commercial partners, adopting countries, integration projects, and an exciting road ahead.
Mr. Gates and the MOSIP team also discussed the potential of using digital identity systems to drive financial inclusion and service delivery in MOSIP-adopting countries.

We are grateful for the team’s passionate involvement, support, and encouragement over the years in facilitating the growth of the MOSIP project and its global community, as we continue to strive towards unique legal identity for all. We thank Mr. Gates for including us in his busy schedule in India, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their continued support. We look forward to more such visits in the future!

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Resham Chugani,
On behalf of the MOSIP Team.