Android Registration Client Weekly Meeting Updates

Date: 20th May 2022

What was covered:
In this meeting, we first looked at the progress of work followed by a demo of the app. The demo covered a ‘New registration’ flow - demographic, document, and biometric data capture, packet creation, and upload to the server.
For biometric capture, we used NPrimes’s Face MDS which was integrated with the app.
Demo also covered master data sync and invoking a batch job from UI to check packet status. The demo was done on an android phone.

Next, we went through the draft of the SBI spec for android. For capture and rCapture methods, a change was proposed i.e the intent response can carry a uri that will contain the entire response structure in json. NPrime proposed and demonstrated the same. The group went over this proposal and agreed that it was cleaner and more efficient of implementing this feature.

The SBI spec draft will be modified based on the above suggestion and will be published soon.

We also covered how one can get started with their set-up. The following info can use used for the same:

  • Git repo link is available here
    • develop branch – used for continuous development
    • dev-stable branch – used for stable code
  • List of tasks is available here
  • After cloning the app, build the apk, install and launch it
  • Click and hold MOSIP logo to get signPublicKey, name and publicKey
  • Share the above info with MOSIP team
  • MOSIP team will add your device to the allowed list and also send you WireGuard config and reg client login credentials

Next Steps:

  • NPrime team will replace proprietary code in MDS and share the same with us. This can be used by any partner as a reference for creating and integrating their MDS
  • Incorporate suggestions into SBI spec draft and publish it
  • Get the dedicated environment ‘Synergy’ ready

A recording of the meeting is available here

Please reach out to us in case of any queries or clarifications.



Hi All,

Finger and iris capture support is added in the android reg client and mock-SBI.
Please checkout the “demo” branch of android-camera-mds/MockRegSBI at demo · mosip/android-camera-mds · GitHub and GitHub - mosip/android-registration-client at demo



Date: 8th July 2022

What was covered:
We first looked at the progress of work which included:

  • Enhanced Nprime’s face MDS for all modalities
  • Adding fingerprint and iris biometric data capture UI screens
  • Multiple language support
  • Preview and acknowledgement screen
  • Operator onboarding
  • A new ‘Settings’ menu

Then we looked at the implementation of the ‘Operator Onboarding’ process in the desktop-based registration clients and discussed if we should follow the same model in the Android-based registration client or explore other options. A separate thread will be posted for that on the community .

A recording of the meeting is available here.

Please reach out to us in case of any queries or clarifications.


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We will be pausing the active development of the Android Registration Client for the next 2 months. However, we will continue to engage with partners through cadence calls and community forum to understand their needs and to enable contributions.
We will also be using this period to move this track to a true open source model. Watch this space for more updates.

Dear All,

At ID4Africa 2022 we saw some of our partners successfully demonstrating Android registration client basic integrations. Please find a video here from one of our partners Suprema ID: IMG_2907.MOV - Google Drive

Please use this thread if you have demonstrations to talk about/showcase.

Sanjith Sundaram

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