Android Registration Client: Scrum Call Minutes of Meeting (MoM)- [7th Nov 2023]

Dear MOSIP Community Members,

Here is a concise summary of today’s (7th Nov 2023) Android Registration Client Community Daily Scrum Meeting:

Agenda: Discussion of current tasks and identification of any blockers.
Attendees: Aditya, Hitesh, Sachin, Prakash, Piyush, Chaitanya, Hari, Pragya
Date & Time: 07/Nov/2023; Time: 12:00 pm IST
Sprint Number: RCF Sprint 11
Sprint Start Date: 01/Nov/2023
Sprint End Date: 15/Nov/2023

Key Discussion Points:

  1. The team is working on delivering the dev-tested build | Code tagging is done.

  2. Release documentation is in place

  3. UXD progress:

  • UXD modification work is in progress for Phase I
  • UXD work in is progress for Phase II
  1. Tasks in progress:
  • Brainstorming on Transliteration of all input text boxes are in progress
  • Auditing is in progress
  1. Bug fixing is in progress by Dev Team
  • Number of Blocker bugs: 0
  • Number of critical bugs: 4
  1. Testing:
  • Testing team is verifying features/bugs of Sprint 10
  • Test case development for Sprint 11

Blockers: None to report

Action Items:

  1. Code tagging is done and delivering the source code to be followed
  2. Ongoing tasks should continue as planned
  3. Discussions related to User story brainstorming and detailing

We cordially invite you to join us for the Android Registration Client Community daily stand-up call tomorrow. Your participation is greatly valued.

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Best Regards,
On Behalf of MOSIP
Pragya Kumari
Product Manager - Android Registration Client

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